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Peru...thank you.

So deep this feeling of gratitude. This wasn't a vacation...this was a visit to the depths of my being. From the most isolated yet life-filled spaces of the deep jungle of my subconscious (or whatever name applies to the mystery field I'm referring to) to the Andes of my heart, the peeks of feeling in communion with all creation... Words don't do it...yet this feeling is so special that to share a few seems so right! Thank You great mystery for connecting all the pieces and give life to this wonder-FULL experience...I could have not dreamt a more humbling and glorious 21days journey. Thank you famiglia, Katy, Karin, Tia Mary, for your love, your generosity, your assistance, your care...I felt home from the first step I took outside the airport. So much gratitude for having such a loving family in this colorful part of the world. I'm still in Lima yet I cannot wait to be back here already and enjoy more talks and walks and laughter and delicious meals in this sweetest Barranco home... Thank you family in Nihue Rao, to the team of workers there at service of our health and comfort, to the passejeros sharing and teaching how to be courageous human beings. Thank you for reminding me that sharing from a place of vulnerability and truth is the premise for real bonding, real friendship, and real health in all relations. So much respect for you and your path. So much respect for the shamans, facilitators and apprentices; your commitment, integrity and wisdom goes beyond inspiration for me. I feel a natural reverence for you and your work, for following this path and help so many of us find greater stability in life. I feel cleaned and renewed and I'm aware (though can't imagine) how much time, efforts, deaths and rebirths you must have gone through in order to be there for me. For us. Thank you. Thank you Joe...I don't know know how else to say it. Your presence was literally a lifeboat in my darkest hour. So much love for you. So many blessings from this beating heart (which you helped to unexplainable extents) towards your dreams and vision in life. I hope we cross path again and I hope to be able to be at service to you someday, somehow. Chrissy...what can I say, thank you? Naaah, THANK YOU MUSEEEEE!!!!! Your openness, your rawness, your are a Force of Nature and an inspiration for everyone. Thank you for showing me who we are and what we are made of. In many ways you are the best teacher I've ever encountered in life. Thanks for letting me meet some of yours...Puma, Luis, Sebastian...Thank you for being a bridge and allow me to reconnect to what feels like an ancient family of my spirit. And so thank you Chanel, Shebnem, Julie, J'aime, Quishwar, Roberto, Kevin...for being there. So happy to have crossed path with you again and I so look forward to do it again and again. Marcos and Inca family of angeles, thank you for helping me crown my dream to reach Machupicchu in time to see the sun rising and what a pleasure to do it all together from the Sun Gate! Hector and Tia, que bueno encontrarte y compartir el viaje con tigo. Pat White, good to connect at this time, at this stage. Blessings for your continuing journey and the ones about to begin. Btw Pat if you come to Italy we'll celebrate the Italian way!!! Ahah :) Martina!! So happy we got to meet again! I love you so much sister!! Thank you Master Plants, spirit of ayahuasca, madre de la selva, curandera del mi piensamento, and thank you whachuma, spirit of the Andes, medicina del grateful to have somehow managed to meet you in this life. Thank you for your immense help and wisdom. Madre tierra, pachamama...te quiero! Father, spirit of all skies...te quiero! I promise now, I'll do my best to focus on all that is beautiful and harmonious about life, all that is wonderful and just, all that inspires and heals and brings joy and hope to this reality. Thank you for making this process fun and a real adventure, and for reminding me there's no one to prove anything to but my own conscience. We are always forgiven. We are always blessed. Such a relief to know there is nothing to worry about. There is only love, and our ability to comprehend it and remember how to honor it. Time to acknowledge this, heal our health and celebrate. That's what this journey has been about for me. You get now why words don't do it. Yet again...and again and again...THANK YOU! Life is precious. Life is a gift!

Going back home now, back to my oldest family and friends, back to work...and I am so happy! Blessings to all directions! In love!

(The image is a digital version of a painting by Pablo Amaringo + a familiar little bro added to it!

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