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Vanni  Mangoni




Born in Florence, Vanni Mangoni grew up in Italy until the age of 19 when he was offered a full-scholarship from University of Southern California - in Los Angeles - for his academic and swimming achievements. At USC he studied Fine Arts and Cinema, became an All-American athlete and he graduated in 2010.

Vanni worked in Hollywood as a storyboard artist and art director for three years before he embarked on a decade-long backpacking journey which led him to many countries around the world and to absorb the culture of the peoples he met. The First Nation people of North, Central and South America, and Australian Aboriginals were the most influential encounters for Vanni, on both a human and artistic level.

It is while travelling that Vanni re-discovered a passion for drawing and painting which he quickly turned into his main focus.

Since 2020, Vanni lives between Italy and Nicaragua and works as a visual artist, muralist and filmmaker.


Artist Statement

'Drawing from indigenous knowledge and personal insights obtained while exploring different cultures around the world, I use visual art to bridge modern cosmology with ancient ones. 

My art arises in response to the current growth of materialsim;

it is my personal attempt to keep alive the conversation about the mysteries of life, the spiritual/emotional dimension of existence, as well as the Platonic pillars of

the Good, the True and the Beautiful.

After partaking in many indigenous rituals I have come to believe that moving away from a puny and materialistic image of self into a multi-dimensional, community-based, Spirit-connected personhood is the only solution for a balanced future for us and the rest of our living Earth. 

Within this context, I use bright colors and realistic aesthetics to contribute the shaping of a more positive, nature oriented and beautiful reality.' 

The Secret - by Vanni Mangoni
Night Ceremony - by Vanni Mangoni
Vanni Mangoni working on mural

V a n n i   M a n g o n i

Curriculum Vitae



2005 to 2010 : University of Southern California, Los Angeles, CA. 

  • Bachelor of Arts, FINE ARTS – Minor, CINEMA/TELEVISION



2008 : 1st place, PAC10 Swimming Championships, Long Beach

2007: All-American, NCAA Swimming Championships, Minnesota

2007: 1st place (200 IM), US Open Swimming Spring Championships, NY

2nd place (200 Breaststroke, 400 IM), US Open Swimming Spring Championships, NY

2005: Finalist (400IM), European Swimming Championships, Vienna



2022: (Winner) Best Feature - Psychedelic Music and Film Festival, New York

2022: (Winner) Award of Excellence - Impact Docs Award, San Diego

2021: (Nomination) Best Documentary - Amsterdam World International Film Festival, Amsterdam

2006 to 2010: Athletic Full Scholarship, USC, Los Angeles

2007-08-09: USC Scholar-Athlete Award of Honor

2009: PAC10 All-Academic First Team

2004: Italian National Olympic Committee “Pegaso” Award for sport achievements



2012 to today: Freelance Artist, painter, designer, filmmaker

2022: Mural Artist, “La Giungla dei Sapori” at Sauro Gelateria, Lucca

2022: Mural Artist, “Escamequita Love” in Escamequita, Nicargaua

2020: Mural Artist, “Divine Dimension” at Aquaniene, Rome

2019: Co-Writer and Co-Director, documentary film “The Song That Calls You Home”, Los Angeles

2019: Assistant Editor, documentary film “Reborn: Lamar Odom”

2014: Mural Artist, “A Prayer” at Bangaolw Post Office, NSW Australia

2013: Writer-Director, short film “Familiar”

2012: Production Designer, short film “Kiss of Vengeance” – directed by Fernando Barreda Luna

2012: Art Director, short film “The Retreat” – directed by Luis Robledo

2011: Writer-Director, short film “Two For Hollywood”

2011: Storyboard Artist, feature film “The First Time” – directed by John Kasdan

2010: Storyboard Artist, music video “Sex Wichoo” – by Cedric the Soulman

2010: Storyboard Artist, TV commercial “Different but the Same” – by AllState Insurance

2010: Writer/Director, short film “Tutto Pazzo per Mary” (Ita)


2022: "Art After Dark" at The Brewery, San Juan del Sur (Nicaragua)

2019: “Visionary Art Exhibit” at World Ayahuasca Conference, Girona (Spain)

2017: Solo Exhibit, “Pop the Bubble” at Il Contemporaneo, Pistoia (Italy)

2016: Solo Exhibit, “L’infante” at Cafè LeBlanc, Pistoia (Italy)

2015: Solo Exhibit, “Andata & Ritorno” at Il Modreno, Pistoia (Italy)

2014: Solo Exhibit, “An Art Evening” at Kulcha Jam, Byron Bay (Australia)

2013: Solo Exhibit, “Graffite e Caffè” at Gallo Nero, Pistoia (Italy)

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with more than 13 million views

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COLLABORATED WITH - All State Insurance, CONI, Australia POST OFFICE, Jonathan Kasdan, Cedric the Entertainer, CeeLo Green, Jont & the Infinite Possibilities, and many more...

Vanni's original art can be found in:
Italy, Belgium, Spain, United States, Peru, Nicaragua, Australia.

Artist Statement
Press Coverage
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