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If we are fighting, we better know what we are fighting for.

To do that, to do anything really, we need a correspondent understanding of the truth that motivates us. To know it. Not the kind of knowing that sounds like a justification, the one we have read or we have been told, nor the kind of understanding that is partial only because we are afraid to explore deeper in order to conserve the idea we’ve been holding on to until now. We need to confront what is real there to be confronted and be ready to re-understand our previous conception of it if it comes to that. Then act. Truth is one, and integrity to truth is the only integrity there is. This is true for the mind, the heart, the body, and the spirit.

True integrity invites true peace.

The dissimilarity there is between a man and another, between a creature of God and a creature of Earth, between a form of life and another, is a difference born in the way each conceive existence through a unique frame of reference. The understanding that would allow these differences to truly coexist peacefully and appreciatively can only come through the realization for both of us to be in fact one and the same. Diversity, only in this case, could evoke that inclusive sense of belonging and gratitude in us which could re-establish mutual respect, harmony and love within the human family. The knowledge is then missing in this (male-chauvinist-capitalistic) culture is of a spiritual kind, because only in the Spirit/Quantum “being one with all there is” is known to be true - and by known it’s intended that it is observed, experienced, understood, and integrated.

The fight therefore cannot be against anything external to ourselves, and the reason is the same as to why we can’t recognize a drop of water and assume there’s no connection to the ocean, and the rain, and the wind, and us witnessing all this. In fact, at this level of understanding, which is there for all of us waiting to be re-claimed and taken good care of, fighting is clear to be worse than pointless. No fight is worth enduring unless by fighting we intend persevering in our ability to truly and freely comprehend what we dream in life and for life, and what to do in order to walk that dream into manifestation and be at peace, completely.

Evil is a story we have created. It’s also a frequency we go inhabit every time our mind relates to that story emotionally, in a negative direction. The vision that appears and the emotion we feel (or vibrational frequency we access) doesn’t come “after” a choice – there is no time – it comes simultaneously as the agreement to access that frequency is being made. By agreement it’s meant allow-ness. Agreeing to peace is to understand our role with it, to make the agreement to intend peace, to embody peace, to feel peaceful, to be aware of our reactions as well as our willing actions and carry everything we know to bring peace in the present moment, completely.

Each time we remember why peace and recognize experience, sense, reason, vision, purpose, pursuit, hope, trust, worth, our fighting paradigm shifts out of power and peace reigns. GOODNESS. To maintain its sovereignty is our individual duty if we will, it is a conscious practice, and the miracles of goodness are simultaneously shared within as without.

That confirms it…if there’s need.

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