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What  I do 

I explore.

Stylistcally, I explore the confines of visual language and I can't seem to find fulfillment in sticking to a single method or medium to do so.

Visual language offers endless possibilities to express concepts and ideas and I enjoy experimenting with the technicalities of every new creation.

Philosophically, I am attracted to the Platonic ideas of goodness, truth and beauty, and that's what I try to denote through my art. 

Personally, I travel the world looking for these ideas reflected in the cultures I meet.

This pursuit has led me to many Indigenous communities and rituals where I find the inspiration for how to conduct my life as a human being and for most of the works you will find here.

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Visionary Art 

This body of work proposes a vision of reality that extends beyond the physical

and it is inspired by experiences of the transcendental nature. 

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