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The Great Embroidery

Last night I remembered something that emerged when I was in the jungle of Peru and I experienced once again a profound feeling of connection and peace with all that is. For a moment I was out of this connection, felt different from you, this compared to that, here from there. Then I remembered something which at the time felt worth remembering - and now it’s confirmed – which was the vision of a great embroidery.

Of this embroidery I saw myself as a connection point of many threads, and then looked around and saw single lines, other connecting points, other threads and other shapes. One of the first impressions was noticing the diversity of each part, and so the in-equality: we weren’t all connecting points or all single lines, we were all unique parts of the whole, all diverse within our complexity and purpose. I saw more complexity and less complexity. I saw more purpose and less purpose. The more and less came with comparing; the referencial method of determining in a world of threads.

But then I saw the whole embroidery and the amazing feeling of connection and peace emerged. I may have felt overly important at times, I may have felt worthless at others: both extremes and anything in between was clear to be a matter of short sighting. All matters adjust around the vision of the embroidery itself; the thread is the same, the vision is the same, and even though our perspective and role may differ, we are one same entity. I noticed sadness moving away after revealing itself as the result of a lack of understanding, a lack of vaster vision, a temporary stage, nothing more. And so it was the feeling of unworthiness. And so the one of anger and of many other energies born out of the limited point of view of a thread.

Reality is far greater than what any-one or any-thing would ever be able to conclude. And it doesn’t matter how we may feel at times – it is a masterpiece. A masterpiece so vast and complex and full of magical intricacies that, once it is recognized, it can overwhelm a spirit with joy and gratitude, leaving one with an undeniable sense of belonging to something so majestic that the only reasonable choice in life is to honor it with the most we have been given and are, respect it, ward it, celebrate it and love it.

And so the point was and is, wherever we are, whatever our perception of ourselves and others may be, we can always rise above the thread perspective where comparing can be disheartening and demotivating and notice the amazing unfolding magical mystery we all equally are. The joy is not only in finding our purpose or stop comparing, the greatest joy – and here is when I found that peaceful communion with it all, - is when it’s clear that the great embroidery is what it’s “ultimately” all about.

The value of individuality is not to be dismissed. I-as-We am not only a part of it, I am it, Itself, living within the degrees of vision I allow myself to experience. Whatever I allow myself to experience in life it’s what I believe I am worth. The same I suppose is true for you. So many opportunities in this great mystery to explore our worthiness of love and belonging. Our real job, then, becomes the one of being the best version of ourselves - not only through our activities, but especially through our virtues which only take will to master - acknowledge the goodness we are capable of by practicing, giving it and receiving it, and experience that expanding sense of worthiness and connection we sometimes seek…until a moment like this comes to bless and show how “actually” it is all only and always perfect.

(Art by Cvita Mamic - Florita)

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