September 4, 2016

(olio su tela: 150 x 100 cm)

Per percepire e capire qualsiasi cosa abbiamo bisogno di un “paio”. Senza ‘due’ non c’è logica. Che sia vita e morte, che sia luce e oscurità, che sia uno e zero, che sia giorno e notte, che sia suono e silenzio; sono elementi connessi tra l...

July 1, 2016

Last night I remembered something that emerged when I was in the jungle of Peru and I experienced once again a profound feeling of connection and peace with all that is. For a moment I was out of this connection, felt different from you, this compared to that, here fro...

June 21, 2016

Ho ritrovato recentemente un disegno che avevo fatto nel 1998-99 (sopra) quando avevo tredici o quattordici anni.

Mi sono reso conto che molte persone conosciute ultimamente non sanno che sono stato uno sportivo e che ho nuotato agonisticamente per quasi una ventina d’...

June 3, 2016


So deep this feeling of gratitude.
This wasn't a vacation...this was a visit to the depths of my being.
From the most isolated yet life-filled spaces of the deep jungle of my subconscious (or whatever name applies to the mystery field I'm referring to) to the Andes of...

May 6, 2016


If we are fighting, we better know what we are fighting for.


To do that, to do anything really, we need a correspondent understanding of the truth that motivates us. To know it. Not the kind of knowing that sounds like a justification, the one we have read or we have...

May 5, 2016

About to leave for Peru in very few hours to finish something I started three years ago...among other things.

I guess it was titled A LONG WAY HOME for a reason. :)


May 5, 2016


We know divine values.

We know integrity.

We know forgiveness.

We know humility.

We know solidarity.

We know care and respect.

We know will and discipline.

We know trust.

We know gratitude.

We also know love, the kind that is esperienced in different ways yet acknoledged comin...

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