A Snake Medicine Story

I wanna share a story about the snake medicine and the power of love. It happened a few years ago when I was living in Los Angeles. My brother and my uncle were also in LA for a two weeks visit; that day we all went to a ceremony together. Upon my arrival I met with a young woman who was holding a small python in her hand. I was sitting, talking to some friends, she was sitting too, in front of me. I noticed my attention gravitate towards the little snake beyond my conscious control: I wanted to pay attention to what my friend was saying, but I couldn’t. It was like I was hypnotized. Because this sort of meetings are also about diving into one’s most vulnerable depths and expose own fears in

A Prayer

A prayer in honor of indigenous peoples day. It's a very dear to my heart day. A prayer is painted on the canvas photographed here. It's a meter fifty by one meter oil on canvas kind of prayer. Finished today. It was commissioned by a dear sister of mine, Laura, who asked me to paint anything I felt. She saw it today for the first time after a few weeks of work. What a moment! :-) Thank you Laura! A prayer for all of us to transform the clouds of confusion, fear and illusion into crystal clear water, to wash over our mental reality and clean it from the superfluous for a sober and aware walk towards a wiser and lighter and healthier and more colorful present. A present in which all voices an