If we are fighting, we better know what we are fighting for. To do that, to do anything really, we need a correspondent understanding of the truth that motivates us. To know it. Not the kind of knowing that sounds like a justification, the one we have read or we have been told, nor the kind of understanding that is partial only because we are afraid to explore deeper in order to conserve the idea we’ve been holding on to until now. We need to confront what is real there to be confronted and be ready to re-understand our previous conception of it if it comes to that. Then act. Truth is one, and integrity to truth is the only integrity there is. This is true for the mind, the heart, the body,

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About to leave for Peru in very few hours to finish something I started three years ago...among other things. I guess it was titled A LONG WAY HOME for a reason. :)

Do the work

We know divine values. We know integrity. We know forgiveness. We know humility. We know solidarity. We know care and respect. We know will and discipline. We know trust. We know gratitude. We also know love, the kind that is esperienced in different ways yet acknoledged coming and going through the same gate. We can find the way to walk them consciously into everyday actions, words, and thoughts, to heal oursleves and our relations all the way to mother and father, matter and dream, sibling and diversity. Our family is grand in gifts and talents, possibility and responsability. The duty is individual in every present we cross path with. All we are asked is to keep the ears open to the rhyth